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Lots of work still , but you can click link below if you still want to view my older site.        

I have been collecting British beer labels for over 40 years. I began collecting beer labels from around the world when I was just 10 years old.  I now only collect pre contents (i.e. pre June 1963/4 and pre any contents marking such as fl ozs or ml) British beer labels.  I have some modern sticker types and wrap-arounds – but these are all gradually being sold off.  

My old site ( with the number of labels I reached for each brewery/ bottler up to 2006 – I now cannot change details on that site.  )   


I am always looking to add to my collection, so if you are considering splitting your worldwide collection, then I would be interested in buying your British Beer labels. 

You can contact me using the contact me ‘button’ top right.  Or my usual e-mail address   agm2beer@yahoo.co.uk      

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